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Customized selection, convenient locations

Nicholby’s stores sell popular convenience, gift and souvenir retail items that are customized to meet the needs of customers in a specific venue. Unlike traditional retail models, Nicholby’s stores cater to consumer product needs based on the venue in which we operate, whether the store is located in an airport, hotel, highway travel plaza, education facility, health care facility or remote camp. Nicholby’s targets and provides each customer in a specific venue with the “right product at the right place at the right time” .

The Nicholby’s retail model offers easy access to a selection of popular products, along with professional 24/7/365 support services and on-going store operations training. Rob Kadlovski, innovative founder and President/CEO of Nicholby’s, developed the Nicholby’s brand and made it a household name after launching his first retail store at the Holiday Inn in Oshawa, Ontario. Today, Nicholby’s operates both corporate and franchise locations, offering a full turnkey solution for retail owners and operators that includes industry-leading support, outstanding product selection and a customized operations strategy.

Nicholby’s has three main types of retail store offerings: Convenience, Gift and Souvenir. Convenience includes an extensive variety of confectionery, lottery, snacks, beverage offerings and so much more! Souvenir and Gift includes proprietary products designed and developed by Nicholby’s, created to capture the specific country, city and culture of the store venue. In addition, Nicholby’s offers branded sports products (NBA, MLB, NHL, etc) and Duty Free operations.

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The Nicholby’s corporate team has extensive experience in convenience retail operations. From store management and training, to delivering personalized assistance in the field and 24/7/365 head office support, Nicholby’s specialized services have led to the company’s reputation as a world-class retailer and the leading turnkey solution provider for franchise operators.

<u>Rob Kadlovski</u>
Rob Kadlovski
Rob is the visionary founder and leader of

our advantages

A trusted name in retail products.

The Nicholby’s brand is widely recognized among retail consumers.

A leader in non-traditional retail operations

Nicholby’s supports stores to deliver the best customer experience by providing consumers the right product, at the right place, at the right time.

Access to over 20,000 product SKUs

Thanks to our decades long reputation in the retail industry, Nicholby’s has access to all popular products from valued and trusted manufacturers and suppliers.

why Choose Nicholby’s

Nicholby’s offers businesses access to the most trusted convenience/gift/souvenir retail operations. As a trusted provider of retail products, the Nicholby’s brand is a highly respected and well-established name in the consumer retail market. No matter where you are located, Nicholby’s can help meet the needs of your guests. As a best in class retail brand, the Nicholby’s store model has been successful in many channels, including energy and resources, healthcare operations, hotels, store fronts, sport/tourism facilities and theme parks.

Nicholby’s offers a full turnkey solution for building a successful retail operation with tools that include real-time cash management, go-to market strategies and ongoing store support. Stores benefit from Nicholby’s operating and economic business model, which provides the expertise, knowledge and innovation needed to be successful. Nicholby’s store operations are supplied with a variety of resources, including: